TV channels on the move

Thanks to unrivalled encodec quality central platform and a light transportable decoder, your favorite channels will follow you everywhere.

Live TV and IPTV
Experience shows that when it comes to TV On-The-Move, broadcast and IPTV are complementary and it is therefore recommended on a business liner to make use of both solutions whenever possible. By ensuring a seamless integration of both technologies, Airmont TV platform naturally extends the reach to underserved areas.



Any world existing package is available. Airmont Engineering take care of your specifications and will integrate them in a customized package TV channels to have access to the last news in real time and to the user’s favourite TV programs.


Technical high level features 

AIRMONT-TV platform performs the video streaming to any hardware device or software player and includes compression codecs H.264 and HEVC as well as HLS, SST, HDS, 3GPP, RTP, RTSP, UDP and more.

Thanks to HEVC native codec and high resilience forward error code, TV streams can be broadcasted through any available bandwidth onboard (L-band, Ku-band, Ka-band, 3G, 4G …) and the system enables automatic image quality adjustment and network management.

Hardware based ASICS allows best of breed compression and latency/jitter high resistance to offer you in flight smooth experience.

Airmont IP TV solution

Reception of satellite TV while travelling is a main concern, notably during intercontinental flights. If solutions do exist offering channels packages that integrate a high number of available channels, the continuity of channels from one satellite to another is not ensured. Airmont IP TV solution provides local channels package in mobility with full continuity.


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