Interactions between entities are increasing and organizations have extended their current national boundaries from a worldwide expansion perspective. Reinforced by progress achieved in the transportation industry, these mutations raise the issue of mobility. Real-time access to information became a priority in a fast-paced and highly competitive environment which continuously requires strong reactivity of organizations. Face to intense competition and to meet the requirements of an ever growing and more demanding market, organizations have to developed new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We enable our partner to invest in mobility and connectivity solutions allowing employees and clients to remain reliably connected under all circumstances with an unequalled return of investment.

KxL System Corporate, broadband internet & broadcast TV


KxL system corporate, developed by Airmont Engineering’s experts, provides an always-on connection to Broadband Internet and Broadcast TV on the move. Its complex and sophisticated technologies offer a reliable and continuous connectivity on land, at sea and in the air.

Through Hybrid Network Routing technology, its smart system is able to identify the most adequate network to connect with depending on the user’s environment and situation to deliver a set of capabilities that allows user to remain connected.

The user accesses information in real-time with a high performance quality level and a global coverage to provide an ever-expanding enhanced user experience. Airmont invested the engineering know-how of its experts to design a system compatible with any transport modes and easy-to-deploy to suit each organization’s needs and to simplify deployment.

Scalable and compact, the system can be directly implemented in any transport types without changing the initial infrastructure. Using proven technologies, KxL system corporate combines high performance with functional practicality to offer an optimized user experience and an unequalled return of investment.


In addition to broadband Internet and Broadcast TV, personalized KxL Corporate with Airmont Engineering to integrate a customized package TV channels to have access to the last news in real time and to the user’s favourite TV programs.



KxL system corporate is a compliant avionics system allowing easy deployment and high reliability to remain fully connected while in the air throughout the world.

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