Digital technologies play a key role in an increasingly connected environment, where information has a preponderant position. In front of a constantly changing environment, access to real-time information is a priority. Receiving such information should no longer be limited by national borders, technological boundaries or mobility-related constraints : this requires new solutions and technologies that enable individuals to remain fully connected in any situations. 

GSM Voice beyond cellular coverage

Airmont subscribers have the ability to make use of their existing SIM card and phone number for calling and receiving calls on android smartphones outside of their current cellular coverage zone, transparently using Global Mobile Satellite Segments or alternative 3G and 4G networks. The solution seamlessly integrates the original subscriber phone number which is displayed to all called parties and includes automatic reception of calls when the original SIM card is out of cellular coverage. The voice quality is guaranteed by patented solution enabling QoS over GMSS. Some smartphones support direct integration of the solution natively into dial pad.

KxL Private, On The Move always-on connectivity


KxL System Private, developed by Airmont Engineering experts, provides ATAWAD connectivity to broadband Internet and Broadcast TV for high demanding users. Easy to deploy, it ensures a real-time always-on connection, through Hybrid Network Routing technology which allows evaluation of the most appropriate network to connect to.

A very unique solution, KxL System Private is the alliance between sophisticated and leading-edge technologies and Airmont’s signature, delivering flawless quality solutions and passion for innovation.

The smart system guarantees a consistent quality throughout its use and a global coverage whether on land, at sea or in the air. The system is created to suit any transport (car, aircraft, trains & vessels) while still maintaining the same functionality and ergonomy on a prefered device. Adapted to any mobile unit, it is accessible by traditional user’s devices and applications.

Excellence is a key part of Airmont’s culture, the system is therefore based on compact and proven technologies to guarantee user safety and ensure an outstanding user experience. KxL System Private is the product of boldness and of the engineering know-how of Airmont’s experts combining high performance with functional practicality to offer an ever-expanding enhanced user experience.


In addition to Broadband Internet and Broadcast TV access, customize your own package TV channels with Airmont Engineering in your KxL System Private.



Regarding KxL System Private for convoy, application of KxL system for cars, Airmont provides the case which protects and contains the system. To remain discreet, the system is subtly inserted in a roof box to perfectly blend into its environment.

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