KxL Private

Broadband internet and broadcast TV

Digital technologies play a key role in an increasingly connected environment, where information has a preponderant position. In front of a constantly changing environment, access to real-time information is a priority. Receiving such information should no longer be limited by national borders, technological boundaries or mobility-related constraints : this requires new solutions and technologies that enable individuals to remain fully connected in any situations.

Break mobility-related constraints.

Boost your internet connection on mobility with a dedicated smart network architecture. 


High availability 

KxL Private, developed by Airmont's engineering experts, provides ATAWAD connectivity to broadband Internet and Broadcast TV for high demanding users. The system guarantees a consistent quality throughout its use and a global coverage whether on land, at sea or in the air. It aims to extend the capacity of low bandwidth network with the potential of broadcasting satellites in regions the user uses the most.



Any transport modes, any devices

The system is created to suit any transports while still maintaining the same functionality and ergonomy on its preferred device. Adapted to any mobile unit, it is accessible through traditional user’s devices and applications. Regarding aircraft, Airmont solution holds out regional broadband connectivity, without the obligation to install any new (or additional) antenna. 



Excellence is a key part of Airmont’s culture, the system is therefore based on compact and proven technologies to guarantee user safety and ensure an outstanding user experience. Its technology enables an optimization between cost, performances and setup time


KXL private, stay connected 

Free yourself from connectivity’s limits

Very unique solution, KxL Private is the alliance between sophisticated and leading-edge technologies and Airmont’s signature, delivering flawless quality solutions and passion for innovation. It is the product of boldness and of the engineering know-how of Airmont’s experts combining high performance with functional practicality to offer an ever-expanding enhanced user experience.


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Airmont aims to reduce the unintended consequences attached to the implementation of a new system by paying a closer attention to keep initial user’s devices/applications always compatible, by guaranteeing a seamless experience with full transparency for the user to feel as comfortable on board as he does at home with same quality level, and by creating a bespoke customer and billing system to remain close to its clients.



KxL Private ensures a real-time always-on connection, through Hybrid Network Routing technology, which allows evaluation of the most appropriate network to connect to. The global solution integrates real-time access optimization based on user experience, user rank, accessibility, costs and data rate of available networks.


Interested in KxL

If you are interested in discovering KxL Private in depth, Airmont would provide any additional information on your request which would suit your requirements. In addition, Airmont Engineering is pleased to welcome you in its lab for a demonstration.



Go further, Express your individuality

Create a solution that suit your specific needs thanks to Airmont Engineering, engineering division of Airmont.

Our lab can adapt KxL Private for a unique and exclusive solution based on your particular needs and requirements. In each project, the client is at the heart of the development phases to ensure that requirements are met. Through experienced organization and highly skills engineers, software developers, and experts in telecommunication on satellite and secure communications area, Airmont Engineering guarantees dedicated solutions to complex projects with a high level of flexibility and a properly controlled return of investment.