Airmont-KxL provides regional broadband internet on Yachts and Business Liners. It is currently operational over Europe and Mediterranean sea with coverage extension possible.

The solution requires a monthly subscirption to Airmont and installation of a set-top box connected to a broadcast satellite TV system for reception and low bandwidth connection such as Inmarsat Fleetbroadband or Swiftbroadband for transmission.


AIRMONT-KxL is based on a hybrid system, making the best use of the antennas already installed on-board.

For aircrafts, It is very suited for VIP aircrafts already equipped with an Inmarsat Swiftbroadband along with a broadcast TV system (Honeywell AIS-2000, Rockwell-Collins Tailwind).

For Yachts, it can provide a broadband internet on the usual twin antennas installed, one for Fleetbroadband, one for broadcast TV, with a single set-top box add-on.

It is also a very cost effective internet broadband backup for aircrafts of yachts already equipped with a High Throughput System, capable of providing multi Mbps connections in case the nominal internet system is inoperable.

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