Airmont-KxL solution provides user access current connection standards to Internet on very constrained vehicles and locations throughout tried and true communications systems.

Airmont-KxL system is a complex OTM broadband hybrid modem infrastructure offering enhanced broadband connectivity to the internet through satellites coupled with L band, K band, UMTS band… As carry-on equipment, Airmont smart multi-network management system allows an easy deployment on board while maintaining high level redundant and secured service.


AIRMONT-KxL offers a regional broadband connectivity onboard, making use of the current antennas already installed. 
The platform aims to extend the capacity of low bandwidth network with the potential of broadcasting DTH TV satellites in regions most frequented. 
It’s especially suited for VIP aircrafts and yatch already equipped with an Inmarsat system swift broadband or swift64, along with a broadcast TV system (Honeywell AIS-2000, Rockwell-Collins Tailwind or KVH, for example).