TV channels On-The-Move

Thanks to unrivalled encodec quality central platform and a light transportable decoder, your favorite channels will follow you everywhere.

Hosted in Airmont's secured POP in Paris, the global system is designed to protect against failure and hacking.

The place-shifting Airmont's technology allows the viewing and/or listening to live, recorded or stored media on a remote device via the Internet or over a data network.

Your TV with you in the air, at sea, in the hotel or in transport even with limited Internet resources.

Technical solution 

Airmont-TV platform performs the video streaming to any hardware device or software player and includes compression codecs H.264 and HEVC as well as HLS, SST, HDS, 3GPP, RTP, RTSP, UDP and more.

Thanks to HEVC native codec and high resilience forward error code, TV streams can be broadcasted through any available bandwidth onboard (L-band, Ku-band, Ka-band, 3G, 4G …) and the system enables automatic image quality adjustment and network management.

Hardware based ASICS allows best of breed compression and latency/jitter high resistance to offer you in flight smooth experience.

Airmont-TV on-the-move

Easy to connect and easy to configure by the end-user through the remote control thanks to pre-recorder profiles, Airmont-TV ensures an optimized deployment for any specific bandwisth-constrained network.

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