16 Nov. 2017, Press releases.

Airmont in The Nation Shield

Airmont displays brand-new on-board telephony solutions that enhance connectivity.

Nation Shield, GHQ of UAE ARMED FORCES, (2017). SHOW DAILY [ online] (Day 5), p18. Available at: www.nationshield.ae [accessed 16 Nov. 2017]. 

"[Airmont] platform features native cellular experience over highly available mobile internet and the management of digital sovereignty."

Credit to www.nationshield.ae

28 May 2018, News

Airmont at EBACE

Airmont presents its over-the-top connectivity solutions that promise to enhance on-board communicationAny device, anytime, anywhere is the great challenge of VIPs and business executives in an increasingly connected world. With its innovative products and services, Airmont promises to bring to the most demanding customer, innovative technology in on-board connectivity.

Airmont gathered a powerful team of satellite communications experts with more than 40 years of experience in government aircraft fleet connectivity, to cooperate in the development of complex telecommunication systems and meet the challenge of secure communication.
"In general, business-liner-passengers express simple needs like using their mobile phone onboard, having secure phone communications or watching their own favourite TV channels. While their needs are relatively simple, the technical context of making it available and reliable on the aircraft is an extraordinary challenge. Our team of engineers develops tailor-made solutions to satisfy end users in the best manner”, said Jean François Gault, Airmont’s executive chairman.
Besides offering a highly customisable user experience, Airmont integrates third-party satcom system together into one homogeneous service delivery platform. Airmont is present at EBACE 2018 and will launch 2 new products: AIRMONT-TV, high quality TV channels to remote on the move locations, and AIRMONT-KxL, internet connection onboard with smart inflight network architecture.

8 Nov. 2017, News.

Airmont at Dubaï Airshow

Airmont will present its inflight communication and TV services at Dubai AIRSHOW 2017.

With 1,103 exhibitors from 63 countries and 66,346 trade visitors in 2015, the Dubai Airshow is an essential annual international meeting for reference actors in the satcom industry. The Dubaï Airshow gathers leading experts, professionals and key players in the field, from around the world, to exchange on latest technological advances and prepare the challenges of tomorrow.

Actively involved in the development of dedicated satellite communication and connectivity solutions, Airmont will introduce its high-end communication platform offering secure, ergonomic and comprehensive Telephony, and IpTV services on board especially suited for Business Liners.

Airmont will be present at Dubaï AIRSHOW 2017 at Booth 270 from 12th to 16th of November 2017.

Come to meet us to share on concrete significant actions to transcend the horizon of the worldwide connectivity spectrum.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Dubai.