Airmont engineering

Highly skilled engineering team

Our key strength is unparalleled experience and ability to build turn-key solutions that best suit each customer's requirement. Working knowledge of the latest satellite communication technology, and experience gained from Head of States aircraft telecommunication projects performed by the team are put to use on every new project.

A team of highly skilled software developers, rich of expertise and knowledge, are able to handle advanced technology in innovative ways to solve customers' toughest telecommunication challenges. Their work is based on open-source software and is completed with in-house development to meet the customer's specifications.


The role of Airmont-Consulting is to provide independent and highly skilled consultancy services.

Airmont gather individuals with an unparalleled experience in Business Liner connectivity and inflight secure communication for governmental aircrafts.

Our approach is to make the best use of existing systems installed on-board by helping to ensure sovereignty continuity and repatriating traffic in homeland. Airmont is responsible for reliable Connectivity and TV services delivery on-board.


Airmont maintains a high level demo lab in which a customers' solution can be evaluated, using real services, applications and equipment delivered by Airmont. 

Airmont Engineering Solution

Learn more about the services provided by Airmont Engineering and its team of expert. Download the datasheet and contact us.

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