Service Mindset

Services made to be part of you

Interactions between entities are increasing and organizations have extended their current national boundaries from a worldwide expansion perspective.

Reinforced by progress achieved in the transportation industry, these mutations raise the issue of mobility.

Real-time access to information became a priority in a fast-paced and highly competitive environment which continuously requires strong reactivity of organizations.

Face to intense competition and to meet the requirements of an ever growing and more demanding market, organizations have to developed new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We enable our partner to invest in mobility and connectivity solutions allowing employees and clients to remain reliably connected under all circumstances in the most cost-effective manner.


Airmont solutions complex and sophisticated technologies offer a reliable and continuous connectivity on land, at sea and in the air.

Thanks to Hybrid Network Routing technology and avanced specific satellite software tools, its smart system can identify the most adequate network to connect with depending on the user’s environment and situation, to deliver a set of capabilities that allows a group of mobile users in vehicles to seamlessly access to existing communications systems.



Aimont's solutions ongoing connectivity allow the user to do its job under the same conditions as if he was at his home office.

Thanks to a real-time access to the news, corporate communications or any information, he will be able to ensure the same quality level regarding his work and to quickly react to a fast-paced environment with the measures required right away.



Benefit from information access in real-time with a high-performance quality level and a global coverage to provide an ever-expanding enhanced user experience.


Keep your decision-making power in mobility with an unequalled return of investment



All Airmont's solutiosn are based on already installed system and carry-on equipments, so users access the services using their usual devices and applications. They allow an optimization between cost, performances and setup time. Airmont offers also evaluation packaging for limited period of time at very competitive price.

Regarding specifically to aircraft, Aimont-KxL system offers regional broadband connectivity, without the obligation to install any new or additional antenna. It is especially suited for business liners already equipped with an Inmarsat system along with a LiveTV system.